Make more sales on your business website with live chat software

Automatically engage more customers with our software & support from UK based chat agents

Maid2Clean a national domestic cleaning agency use live chat to increase sales and recruit new cleaners
BBC Apprentice Winner Mark Wright and Lord Sugar's company Climb Online use Handlr proactive live chat popups to capture new digital agency leads
New Era Fuels use handlr proactive chat tools to capture new website leads.

Your customers are waiting on your website

Handlr live chat software reaches out to your website visitors automatically encouraging them to start a conversation with you before they leave your website.​

Most importantly, our live chat software enables you to provide instant support, connecting you with your website visitors instantly so you can answer questions and provide support at the time they're interested in your products & services. 

Handlr cloud live chat software platform works on mobile, tablets, PC's, Apple Mac's and laptops.

What is the main goal for your business website?

Increase Sales

Improve lead generation and sales by over 300% using our live chat software. Provide instant support to your online customers and build relationships, confidence and more sales instantly using live chat.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customers prefer live chat. 73% of customers prefer live chat on a business website compared to just 44% for phone support. Answer queries more quickly and in a more convenient way for your customers.

Reduce Costs

Handle 4x more customers at once using live chat compared with a single phone call. This allows you to save on staff salaries. supplies and office space, without sacrificing customer service quality. 

What makes proactive live chat software different?

Start relevant conversations automatically

Using our clever proactive popup messages, our live chat software will automatically popup any message you like to encourage your website visitors to talk to you.

You can send bespoke chat invitations automatically to every visitor on your website while you're working on other things. Bespoke invitations can be triggered by the page the visitor is on, the language they speak or even the advert they clicked on to name but a few!

Customise your live chat box design to work on desktop, tablets and mobile phone devices on your business website.
handlr proactive live chat software comes with a built in design studio to customise the live chat box design and colours to match your brand.

Connect with customers on the phone with our built-in Callback widget

Some businesses need to speak to their customers on the phone even if they are thousands of miles away. This is especially important for high-ticket sales. Our live chat software comes with a built-in Callback widget as standard!

When you're ready to take a live chat conversation to the phone, your visitor can do this in just 2-clicks and you will be connected on the phone. Our call back function lets you connect with your customers on the phone in 45 countries around the world.

Simple to use live chat application

Handlr live chat software is really simple to get started with. As a result, most people don't even need to watch our 5 minute get started video as its so simple to use!

Handlr live chat agent screen with live chats in progress

Improved ROI & More leads from your paid adverts

Offer instant sales support automatically to everyone who clicks on your Google Ad or Facebook paid adverts. This helps you start a conversation before they leave your website.

Over 85% of all conversations are started using from our automated proactive conversation invitations.

Live chat software supplier to the British government

Our proactive live chat software has passed the rigorous tests demanded by the British government. We're one of their internal catalogue of live chat software suppliers on the Crown Commercial Service website.

As accredited suppliers of live chat with Bloom procurements, we provide services to public sector organisations in the UK such as police and local councils. We're proud to be one of a tiny handful of official UK based suppliers of enterprise live chat software.

Handlr is a supplier of live chat to the British government and provides live chat systems to the public sector via Bloom procurements. Handlr has been featured in local and national news and radio press.

Still not sure?

Read about the experience Karen from a British national cleaning franchise has had with us. 

karen Gwynne-Lyons from Maid2Clean Swindon

Karen Gwynne-Lyons

Owner of Maid2Clean Swindon

A large number of clients have gone on to book our services during the chat, or have got back in contact at a later date to book, again where possible contact details have been captured so those who don’t book immediately can be followed up. Several of our website users have commented that they have been unable to get through on the phones, at busy times, so the use of this service has been a useful tool to help customers who prefer to speak on the phone too.

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