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Payments & Offers

What happens if I sign up for a limited time or other offers?
Rest assured we will not hike your prices up on your next renewal! The price you see at the time of subscribing will be the price you pay for as long as you subscribe to the same package. If you change packages or your subscription is cancelled, you may not receive the same discounted price again in the future. From time to time Handlr may increase costs for everyone however you would be given plenty of notice if this does happen along with the reason for any increase.

How do I pay?
All subscriptions require a credit or debit card to be held on the account. Alternatively you may opt to pay via paypal. You will be charged at the time of subscribing for the first month (unless you have a free trial of course) then every month after that for as long as you remain a subscriber to our services. If you go over your package allowance, that will be charged for on the next renewal date, even if you have cancelled your subscription.



Chat Handlr

Please note we’re not currently accepting new customers for our Chat Handlr service. If you’d like to be the first to find out when we re-open the service to new customers, click here.

How long does it take to set up?
We ask for one working day to set up Chat Handlr, but it could take less!

What times can my web chats be answered by Handlr?
We cover 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. All opening times exclude weekends and UK bank holidays.

Can I customise my chat box?
Yes! If its part of your Chat Handlr subscription, you can change the colour, shape and size of your chat box to suit your brand and website.

Can the chats be made proactive?
Yes, our Half-century and Century packages provide this! Proactive chats are the best way to engage with your website visitors as your web visitors will be actively encouraged to speak to a member of our team.

How will I know when someone has a live chat with a chat handlr?
We will email you the details of all your live web chats as soon as it ends. Please ensure you add [email protected] and [email protected] to your safe sender list.

What happens if someone just says hello then disappears from the chat, will I still be charged?
No. There is no charge where a web chat has 5 of fewer messages sent in a single chat session. This is to cover events such as where someone does come online for a moment and then leaves the website. We will still send you an email with the information we have, just in case it is important to you. The top of the email will tell you if you have not been charged for a web chat.

Can I answer my own web chats?
This is possible by adding a Live Chat Software Licence to your subscription, however only during the times permitted by your Chat Handlr subscription. How it works is if you are online and shown available, the web chat would go through to you. If however, you did not answer the first message of the web chat within 40 seconds or you were not shown online, the web chat would go through to our chat handlers.