Proactive live chat for digital agencies

​Software to help digital agencies increase their client's conversions

As a digital agency, your goal is to ensure that your clients have traffic coming to their website, and that this traffic converts into sales.

With proactive live chat, your clients are able to increase engagement with their website visitors, generate conversations and obtain more qualified leads.

A lead capture solution for your digital agency

Proactive live chat allows a business to reach out to their website visitors and engage them in conversation. This provides a personal, convenient and instant interaction, resulting in the website visitor feeling more positive about the brand and more likely to go ahead with a purchase.

People often have questions that they need answering before they feel confident enough to buy. Proactive live chat prompts them to ask these questions.

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Increase conversions for your clients

Your clients expect you to generate them high-quality traffic. 

Traffic that doesn't convert to sales is wasted, so your goal as a digital agency is to ensure your clients are getting conversions from your marketing efforts.

We want to support you in helping your clients reach their conversion goals. That's why we offer a membership for digital agencies, which includes a preferential cost and the ability to offer our proactive live chat software as part of your service. 

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Using Live Chat To Generate More Leads and Increase Sales

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