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All of your franchisees under one live chat account - for your convenience

If you own a franchise and are looking to add proactive live chat to your franchisees, you've come to the right place.

Our chat solution means there is no need to buy separate accounts for each franchisee. Your account with us can hold multiple chat boxes, so every franchisee can have their own chat box.

Karen Gwynne-Lyons

A large number of clients have gone on to book our services during the chat, or have got back in contact at a later date to book, again where possible contact details have been captured so those who don’t book immediately can be followed up. Several of our website users have commented that they have been unable to get through on the phones, at busy times, so the use of this service has been a useful tool to help customers who prefer to speak on the phone too.

I have seen a significant increase in the number of completed job applicants I have received without any additional advertising.

Create a separate chat box for each franchisee

You're able to create multiple chat boxes, which can all be placed on separate pages or websites.

This means that each franchisee can have its own individual chat box, complete with its own proactive triggers, assigned staff and other tweaks. 

As franchisor, you're able to oversee and control everything from one account.

live chat for cleaning franchise Maid2Clean

Generate more sales for your franchise with proactive live chat

Maid2Clean, a cleaning franchise of over 14,000 cleaners, have secured 50 new clients across just 6 franchisees in 2 months.

maid2clean live chat page

During these two months, Maid2Clean had 863 chats from just 6 of their franchisees, of which 791 were proactive, and 72 were manual.

Proactive live chat has secured these 6 franchisees with £25k worth of additional online sales.

Maid2Clean stats
Chat Guide: Design Studio

Apply your chat box design across every franchisee's website

It's likely that you want to keep your branding consistent across all of your franchisees.

Our proactive live chat software comes with an innovative design studio that allows you to create a completely bespoke chat box design. This design can be applied to all of your chat boxes with the click of a button, so that every franchisee perfectly reflects your branding.

Or, if you prefer, you can create a bespoke design for every franchisee.

Maintain full control over your franchise

Everything can be controlled from one live chat account, so you're able to:

  • See live chat stats and analytics across all of your franchisees
  • Assign franchisees to their individual chat boxes
  • Ensure quality and high standard is maintained across the board by monitoring your Net Promoter Score.
  • Revoke access to chat boxes if needed
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What's included in a franchise account?

Franchise rates

Enhanced support

Control over your franchisee's accounts

Webinar training video bespoke to your franchise

Free setup of chat box

All features of our premier proactive live chat plan

Franchise rates

Enhanced support

Free setup of chat box

Control over your franchisee's accounts

Webinar training video bespoke to your franchise

All features of our premier proactive live chat plan

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