Enterprise live chat helps the public sector to deliver a citizen-centric service

Handlr is an official supplier of live chat software to the British Government via the Crown Commercial Service and a Bloom accredited procurement supplier to the public sector.

Proactive live chat for Government and public sector
Handlr is an official supplier of proactive live chat systems to the British Government via the crown commercial service
Handlr is a Bloom Accredited live chat software supplier

The role of Enterprise live chat software in the Digital Transformation Strategy

The Digital Transformation Strategy pertains to how the government will shift to using digital tools to transform the relationship between citizens and the public sector. The strategy aims to help the government to better understand the needs of citizens; provide services more quickly and at lower costs, and to make data-driven improvements to its services.

Handlr’s enterprise live chat software helps the public sector to meet these goals by:

  • Providing a scalable communication platform which allows agents to respond to the public in real-time.
  • Reducing the costs of public support by optimising staffing budgets and productivity.
  • Providing a range of reporting tools which allow for data to be analysed efficiently, to help services to better understand their customers and make data-driven improvements to their experience.

Reduce costs without compromising the quality of service

Enterprise live chat is the perfect solution for those facing budget cuts but don’t want their customer service to suffer as a result. Chat agents are able to handle multiple chats at once, meaning that less staff are required for the same volume of customers. This means that staffing budgets and estate size can be reduced, and productivity maximised.

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In a survey, live chat received a score of 73% for customer satisfaction, compared to just 44% for phone support

Provide a more responsive service 

Demands are changing, and the public now expect high accessibility and immediate answers from government websites. Enterprise live chat can provide both, allowing real-time, instant communication between chat agents and the public.

Agents are also able to send and receive images and files through the chat window, making it easy to send the necessary documents or help guides in just a couple of clicks.

File transfer via live chat on a laptop
Capacity Reports

Make data-driven improvements to your service

Our enterprise live chat software provides a range of reporting and analytical tools which help organisations to analyse the performance of chat agents, understand website visitor behaviour and see where adjustments to staffing budgets could be made. These tools allow for data-driven improvements to be made to chat setup and overall service.

Improve public satisfaction and trust

The public can feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of information often displayed on government websites. As a result, this can cause the public to perceive service as poor and lose trust in the organisation.

With enterprise live chat, agents are able to proactively engage with website visitors while they're browsing the website; ask them if they need help and walk them through the necessary process.

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