A HIPAA-compliant proactive live chat solution for healthcare & cosmetic surgery providers

​Providing an outstanding service to patients, while ensuring confidentiality, is of utmost importance to any healthcare provider

Our proactive live chat software for healthcare providers is ideal for GPs, hospitals, dentists, private practitioners, cosmetic surgery and more. 

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Our range of proactive chat plans are perfect for medical businesses like cosmetic surgery and private practice healthcare providers because you can automatically engage your website visitors in a conversation before they leave your website. 

By starting the conversation via our live chat software, it provides a potentially anxious patient a way to get in touch with a softer first contact vs them calling or visiting your practice. 

Once you've built trust and reassured them on live chat, you can take the conversation onto the phone in just 2-clicks using our build in callback widget or book a consultation and take card payments directly via our live chat software.

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Take Secure Card Payments Via Handlr Live Chat Software


Our Live Chat Comes With A Built-In Callback widget


Provide a fast service for patients 

It’s frustrating to wait on hold when you need healthcare assistance. With proactive live chat, agents can handle patients quickly and efficiently, leading to better patient satisfaction and more effective office operations.

Reduce costs 

Proactive live chat means that costs can be reduced without compromising the quality of service. Less staff are required for the same volume of patients, meaning office space, supplies, recruitment and training expenses can be minimised.

Handle multiple patients at once 

It’s only possible to handle one phone call at a time, but one individual can handle multiple chats at once. This means that more patients can be taken care of at any given time, resulting in fewer queue times and a more efficient service.

Take your live chats from your website onto the phone with our built in callback widget function

Protect patient privacy 

The confidentiality of your patients is imperative. Our proactive live chat software has in-built security tools, allowing you to assure your patients that their data is being handled safely and ethically. All live chats are encrypted, data is stored in secure UK based data centres and sensitive data can be sent via Secure Data Transfers for added peace of mind.

GDPR Compliant

All live chats are encrypted

HIPAA Compliant

Secure Data Transfer

Secure UK data centres

Access rules and permissions

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The effectiveness of live chat in customer service, satisfaction and loyalty