Book appointments & provide immediate legal support with proactive live chat

Automatically engage website visitors in a bespoke conversation, where you can provide immediate support and expert advice right from the start.

Live chat for law firms

Handlr's proactive live chat solution is perfect for attorneys, solicitors, lawyers and law firms who want the ability to chat with their website visitors in real-time. In doing so, legal professionals are able to provide an immediate, bespoke service to clients, helping them to feel confident that they're the right expert for the case.

Bespoke conversations tailored to your clients' needs

No two cases are ever the same. Every client is unique, and so requires a unique, personalised service tailored to their needs.

Proactive live chat allows you to configure popup messages that will trigger to website visitors under set conditions. Let's say a visitor is browsing a page about employment law - a message could trigger asking if they need legal advice about their current employment situation. This way, you can engage them in a conversation that's tailored to their needs.

Set up a phone consultation seamlessly

Given the often-complex nature of legal enquiries, many conversations will likely need to move to a phone consultation. Our live chat software comes with a built-in Callback widget feature, where clients can request a call straight away. The call can be instantly connected via their phone or computer audio, which makes switching communication channels seamless and convenient for both you and your client.


Offer expert legal advice right from the start

When looking for legal advice, people want immediate support. Live chat enables an immediate and convenient interaction, so that potential clients can ask questions and get the support they need quickly and efficiently. As a result, your website visitors will feel confident that you’re the right legal professional for the case.

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