Convert visitors into customers on your retail or eCommerce website with proactive live chat

Guide website visitors through the buying process, reduce cart abandonment and improve customer satisfaction

eCommerce has taken the world by a storm, with many brick and mortar stores being quashed under the likes of Amazon. The reason for this is quite simple: convenience. It’s more convenient to shop online, as consumers can shop while they’re at work, compare prices with ease and have their items delivered straight to their house.

One thing that many online stores fail to provide, though, is immediate customer support. In physical stores, staff will be available to answer questions and help the customer to choose a product.

Proactive live chat provides the online equivalent.

Reduce online cart abandonment 

52% of consumers say they would abandon an online purchase if they didn't get answers quickly enough. As a result, trillions of pounds are left in online shopping carts every year.

People are busy, so when it comes to online shopping, they want answers fast. Failure at answering questions quickly will likely result in the customer abandoning their purchase and moving on to a competitor instead.

Proactive live chat allows you to engage with your website visitors in real-time and address any issues that may be preventing them from pressing that checkout button. You're able to respond to their questions instantly, guide them through the checkout process and reduce the number of customers who abandon their carts.

Our clever proactive tools allow you to trigger chat initiations to people who are about to exit their basket without purchasing, enabling you to capture those customers who would otherwise be lost.

would abandon a cart if they couldn't find answers quickly
improve customer satisfaction with proactive live chat

Improve customer satisfaction 

Time and time again, customers are voting live chat as their preferred method of communication with businesses. This is due to a variety of reasons, but convenience, the ability to multitask while chatting and receival of immediate responses are voted as the strongest factors. 

44% of online consumers say that having questions answered live by a representative while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer - Forrester Research

Convert website visitors into customers 

Users who land on your website without making a purchase are wasted traffic. Proactive live chat allows businesses to pop up to their website visitors, engage them in conversation and help them to feel positive about the brand. 

This builds a relationship with the customer right from the start, increasing the chance of them making a purchase by three times on average. In fact, in a survey, 38% of customers said they went through with the purchase because of the chat session.

File transfer via live chat on a laptop

Provide a personalised shopping experience

Personalisation is a key part of the customer experience as it helps them to feel cared about and appreciated - an ingredient in creating a loyal customer base. Personalisation can be expressed in many ways, from simply using the customer's name to creating a bespoke service catered to their individual needs.

Our proactive live chat tools allow you to configure targeted messages that will trigger to website visitors who fall into specific conditions. This means website visitors can receive chat invitations highly relevant to them and their situation.

You could, for example, configure a proactive chat that says: "Hello! Would you like some help choosing a new hat?" when a website visitor is browsing the "hat" section of your online clothing store. This message is much more specific than a generic "would you like some help?" Customers will feel as though they're receiving a personalised service and be much more likely to respond to chat invitations - giving you the chance to answer any questions and convince them to buy.

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