Convert travel enquiries into bookings with proactive live chat

Offer personalised, online conversations with a travel agent, and help your customers to plan their next holiday in real-time.

Chat allows for a personal, convenient and instant interaction between travel agencies and their customers, resulting in more enquiries converting into bookings.

Help your website visitors plan their holiday in real-time

We live in a digital, always switched-on world where consumers no longer want to wait for a response from businesses. They expect businesses to respond almost immediately, and want the ability to engage in real-time conversation.

Particularly for competitive industries, like travel, potential customers will simply move onto the next competitor if they can’t get an instant response.

Using live chat, it's easy to connect instantly with website visitors, where you can help them plan their holiday in real-time.


Take payments for bookings there and then

Using our secure Credit Card transfer, travel agents are able to take payment information from customers via the chat window itself.

All live chats are encrypted, and data sent via a secure form will be erased as soon as the chat ends.

Handlr proactive live chat secure credit card data request

Live chat increases the chance of a sale by a whopping 300%. 

Offer your website visitors an online, personalised conversation with a travel agent

You wouldn’t leave your high street travel agent premises unattended, so why your website?

Proactive live chat enables your business to proactively pop up to website visitors – at the time they’re browsing and interested – and engage them in conversation. This proactive technology enables you to target specific website visitors with specific chat invitations, which means that you can start a personalised conversation that's tailored to their needs.

You could, for example, configure a proactive message saying “Hey! I see you’re looking at our weekend breaks in Europe. Would you like help choosing a destination?” on your page about weekend breaks in Europe. Now that’s personalised, online service.

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Send and receive travel documents seamlessly

Our live chat software allows the agent to send and receive files through the chat window itself. This means that travel agents are able to send brochures and booking details directly through to the customer. Likewise, agents are able to receive passport scans and other documents from the customer.

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