Our proactive live chat software enables utility and service providers to offer more convenient customer experiences

Increase sales, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction using our proactive live chat solution

Live chat for service providers

Live chat allows for a convenient and instant interaction between service provider and customer, ideal for:

Phone providers

Internet providers

Web hosting providers

Utility services

Increase sales

One of the key reasons why consumers abandon online purchases is because they can't find the answers to their questions quickly enough.

Live chat allows for immediate conversation - at the exact time the customer is browsing and interested. This allows a salesperson to alleviate any concerns, help the customer to feel confident in making a purchase, and guide them through to checkout.

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Improve customer satisfaction

Live chat repeatedly receives a higher score for customer satisfaction than email or phone support. This is because live chat provides an instant interaction, where holding times are limited and questions are answered immediately.

A satisfied customer is a loyal customer, and loyal customers will recommend you to their friends and family time and time again.

Reduce costs

Call centres can be expensive to maintain, given the costs of phone facilities and salaries of support staff. Not only this, call centres have a notoriously high staff-turnover, which makes recruitment and training a large expense.

With live chat, one individual can handle multiple customer enquiries at once, compared to just one phone call. This means that staff productivity can be maximised, and support costs reduced.

Improve convenience and accessibility

Live chat offers a convenient, real-time method of communication between service provider and customer. Your customers can chat while they’re busy or at work, as live chat makes multi-tasking easy.

Make troubleshooting easy

Using live chat, agents can send and receive screenshots and files; push customers to a web page or take payment details. This makes troubleshooting a lot easier for both parties, and speeds up conversations.

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