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Our UK based live chat software & managed live chat experts will help you choose the best plan for your business website

Our live chat experts will have an honest conversation with you with the view of making sure you're left with the right solution for your business.

Handlr live chat specialists will help you choose a live chat plan most suited for your online business and show you how to achieve your goals of increasing your online sales and conversions, along with improving customer satisfaction and even how it may introduce cost savings to your business using our live chat software solutions.

  • Easy to integrate into your business. Fast setup and onboarding support
  • Latest security technologies, GDPR, US-EU privacy shield & HIPAA compliance 
  • Integrate with popular CRM's, helpdesks and many other platforms 
  • Built in call back widget & secure credit card transfers 
Take your live chats from your website onto the phone with our built in call me widget function

"A large number of clients have gone on to book our services during the chat, or have got back in contact at a later date to book, again where possible contact details have been captured so those who don’t book immediately can be followed up. Several of our website users have commented that they have been unable to get through on the phones, at busy times, so the use of this service has been a useful tool to help customers who prefer to speak on the phone too."
Karen, Owner of Maid2Clean Swindon

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Increase website sales and create happy customers.

Instantly engage with your website visitors

Our software will enable you to instantly connect with your website visitors and greet them in a way that's more personal to them. This is the kind of experience your customers would expect if they walked into your store, only now we can let you automatically greet and offer support to online customers. Our platform even lets you take the conversation from the chat to the phone in just two clicks.

You're secure & compliant with our live chat software

We use state of the art TLS (the new version of SSL) security behind our live chat software. Our software comes loaded with GDPR compliance and automation tools. For our customer abroad, our platform is EU-US privacy shield framework compliant and HIPAA compliant. Chat data can be encrypted end-to-end meaning your customers data is never compromised and sending secure data like credit card information is a breeze.

Keep your customer data in sync with other software

There are a range of options to sync live chats with your favourite CRM or help desk software. Effortlessly create complex workflows to add new leads into your sales cycle and update communication logs. Our API makes things even easier for you to manipulate the live chat data in any way you see fit or using third party connectors like Zapier to stay connected.