Generate more leads on your website with managed proactive live chat answering 

Convert more website visitors into paying customers.

Maid2Clean a national domestic cleaning agency use live chat to increase sales and recruit new cleaners
BBC Apprentice Winner Mark Wright and Lord Sugars company Climb Online use Handlr proactive live chat popups to capture new digital agency leads
New Era Fuels use handlr proactive live chat software with automatic proactive live chat popups to capture new client leads
Apple Property Services in Romford use Handlr Proactive Live Chat Software

In just 2 months our expert chat agents generated leads for Maid2Clean which converted into confirmed sales of over £25,000 without any increased advertising resulting in a 533% ROI.

Karen Gwynne-Lyons

A large number of clients have gone on to book our services during the chat, or have got back in contact at a later date to book, again where possible contact details have been captured so those who don’t book immediately can be followed up. Several of our website users have commented that they have been unable to get through on the phones, at busy times, so the use of this service has been a useful tool to help customers who prefer to speak on the phone too.

I have seen a significant increase in the number of completed job applicants I have received without any additional advertising.

Click The Image Below To Download the Maid2Clean Case Study

Tap The Image Below To Download the Maid2Clean Case Study

Maid2Clean managed live chat case study with how live chat increased online sales and improved customer service

Convert more website visitors into qualified leads

Do you spend money on Google paid ad traffic, paid social media like Facebook and Twitter ads or even advertise using leaflets, news papers, radio and TV?

The fact is you're spending a small fortune to get the right people visit your website. The sad fact is, even then 99% of people who want and need your products and services will leave your website, never to return without ever giving you a chance to take their details.

Our proactive live chat software engages with your website visitors, encouraging them to start a conversation to keep people on your website and generate qualified leads.

With managed chat, our in-house live chat experts are there to talk to your customers even when you cannot do it yourself ensuring every possible opportunity to capture a new lead is taken.  

live chat for cleaning franchise Maid2Clean

You've already got website visitors and managed live chat helps convert them to paying clients

How does managed live chat website lead generation work?

We'll send real time messages to your website visitors using our clever proactive live chat software while they're browsing or if we detect they're about to leave your website. 

When they reply, our expert live chat agents based in London will have a conversation with them and attempt to capture their contact information which is then emailed to you immediately so you can turn your new lead into a sale. This is lead generation that really does work.

If you prefer, you can answer live chats yourself and we'll pick them up automatically when you're already busy chatting or out of the office for a while. 

Proactive chat trigger for Maid2Clean visitor about to leave

Get started with managed live chat answering in 3 simple steps


Choose a plan

Select from our plans below that best matches the needs of your business.


Complete Setup

We'll take a brief from you and provide your chat box & installation instructions.


Have a cup of tea

Now you can sit back knowing we're ready to chat with your website visitors.

Compare Managed Live Chat Lead Generation Packages



billed monthly

For solo or startup entrepreneurs

1 website/brand

Includes up to 20 leads

Normal hours

Proactive Chats

Leads & chat transcript emailed

Basic information captured

Basic FAQ's answered

Choice of 3 chat box designs



billed monthly

Businesses with paid website traffic

3 websites/brand

Includes up to 50 leads

Normal hours

Proactive Chats

Leads & chat transcript emailed

Enhanced information captured

Custom FAQ's answered

Choice of 10 chat box designs

2 year chat logs

Weekly summary



billed monthly

Companies with higher volume website traffic

5 websites/brand

Includes up to 100 leads

Extended hours

Custom Proactive Chats

Leads & chat transcript emailed

Enhanced information captured

Custom FAQ's answered

Choice of 10 chat box designs

2 year chat logs

Weekly summary



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