Proactive live chat software increases sales and customer satisfaction

​From increasing sales, maximising staff productivity and improving customer satisfaction, proactive live chat can better your business

Increase your customer service spread

An individual staff member can only handle one phone call at a time, no matter how experienced they are. With live chat, an individual can handle 4-6 chats on average. This allows you to reallocate customer service staff budgets into improving other key areas of your business.

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Increase your sales

52% of customers have abandoned a cart because they didn't get answers quickly enough. Proactive live chat allows for instant, real-time communication between customer and business, resulting in an increase in sales of 300% on average.

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Improve your customer satisfaction

Live chat received a customer satisfaction score of 73%, compared to just 44% for phone. This is due to the ability to multitask, speed of response and accuracy of information received. Live chat allows you to send and receive documents, links and screenshots, so that troubleshooting is quicker and more convenient for your customers.

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Cut your costs

Less staff are required for the same volume of customers, meaning that savings can be made on staff salaries, supplies and office space. Our live chat tools, such as canned messages, also speed up conversations so that customer support agents can optimise their time and productivity.

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Stay GDPR compliant

It's imperative for businesses to stay compliant with data and privacy laws. Our live chat system has in-built GDPR tools, enabling you to stay compliant. Request sensitive data such as credit card information over a Secure Data Transfer and set data to automatically purge periodically.

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Improve shift planning and productivity

​​​Our capacity reporting tools provide valuable insights into chat volumes and staff capacity. This helps you to adjust staff shifts according to the demands of your website visitors, ensuring that staffing budgets are optimised and customer service remains high quality.

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Keep your brand's image

You've worked hard on getting your branding right. As such, you likely don't want a plain, unbranded chat box on your website. Luckily, our intuitive design studio allows for full customisation of your chat box, as well as the option to white label and upload your own logo on selected plans.

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On average, proactive live chat provides a 105% return on your investment