Convert visitors into qualified leads before they leave your website using proactive live chat software

Proactive live chat invitations increase ​engagement on mobile devices by 400%

What do we mean by proactive live chat?

Proactive live chat is essentially a pop up chat box that triggers to website visitors while they're browsing.

Humans don’t always feel confident enough to ask for help and often prefer to wait for the help to approach them. Proactive live chat does exactly that - it pops up to the website visitor to ask if they need help. Chat agents are able to proactively engage with the website visitor at critical moments, providing targeted assistance, and, in many cases, convert them into a customer. 

Let’s take a look at our proactive chat tools

Our chat system allows you to send highly targeted proactive messages to website visitors based on a range of conditions. This allows you to have complete control over who you engage with. It's easy to configure proactive chats.

These are the variables you can set, and you can even add multiple variables together to create very specific rules:

  • The page the visitor is currently on
  • Search keywords the visitor used
  • The URL the visitor arrived from
  • Time spent on page
  • Time spent on website
  • Location: country, state, region, city
  • Language
  • Time of day
  • New visitors
  • Did the visitor chat before?
  • Number of pages visited
  • Number of clicks on the page
  • When the visitor scrolls to on a page
  • When the visitor is about to exit

Why is proactive customer service 85% better than reactive?

Providing support when a customer asks for it is nothing revolutionary. Its called reactive customer service and most businesses do this.  To provide a memorable and truly helpful service to your customers and website visitors, you should proactively reach out and ask if they need assistance. Our proactive tools account for 60-85% of all chats on average and allow you to target your customers with relevant questions. This enables you to alleviate pain points and foster loyal, happy customers.

A study by Forrester showed that live chat has an ROI of 15% whereas proactive live chat has an ROI of 105%.