Monitor team performance and understand your web visitors using our live chat software analytical reports

Our capacity reports, real-time chat monitoring and audience demographic analyses help you to make data-driven improvements to your customer experience

Reporting and analytics tools for live chat

Capacity Reports

Capacity reports are a fantastic tool because they provide valuable insights into chat volumes and staff capacity. It helps you to determine how staff shifts should be scheduled, to ensure that staffing budgets are allocated efficiently and that customer service remains to a good standard.

Capacity Reports

Real-time Chat Monitoring 

Managers can oversee current chat activity right from their dashboard with real-time chat monitoring. This is good for training purposes and ensuring customer service quality is being maintained at all times.

Monitor Agent Performance 

Ensure your chat agents are performing well by accessing agent performance reports. These will provide insights into response times, duration of chats, their availability, post-chat net promoter survey (NPS) scores and more. This allows you to identify your best performing agents, maintain customer service quality and identify where additional training could be given.

response time report
Agent availability report showing online offline and break times

Understand Website Visitor Behaviour and Experience

Visitor information and experience reports provide insights into your website visitor demographics, website activity, device usage and queue times. It even displays any search keywords they may have used. This data can help you to analyse your website visitors’ needs and optimise your chat setup.

Supervisors view of previous chat from chat logs
Visitor information report showing language and country of visitors

View and Export Chat Logs

Your live chat transcript logs are a gold mine full of information about your products and your customers.

Handlr provides access to your entire chat log, so you can uncover valuable insights about what's working for your business, what customers aren't enjoying and what questions keep coming up. You can even export your logs into a CSV file for further analysis.

Chat log overview
Supervisors view of previous chat from chat logs

Monitor your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The Net Promoter Score is an index that measures how likely your customers are to recommend you to family and friends. It gauges overall customer satisfaction and is a valuable figure to know. Our chat system provides a reports on the average score for each of your agents, allowing you to calculate your NPS

Net promoter score by agent overview