Reduce your customer service costs with our proactive live chat software

​Live chat is the perfect solution for businesses who need to cut their costs but don’t want their customer service to suffer as a result.

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Sometimes it's necessary to cut costs, especially for public sectors and government bodies. However, no one wants their customer service to suffer as a result. Live chat can help you respond to more queries and resolve them more quickly - all while minimising your costs.

Less staff are required for the same volume of customers 

Even your best employee can only manage one phone call at a time. With live chat, agents can handle 4 customers at once, on average. This means you need less customer service staff for the same volume of customers - saving you office space, supplies and staff salaries.

4x more customers can be handled at once with live chat

Live chat reduces recruitment costs

Research suggests that staff resignations are costing call centres over £1.1bn - a truly staggering amount. Call centre staff can easily become overwhelmed and stressed by angry customers, which is likely what causes this high turnover. Chat offers a more relaxed approach to customer service, as agents can take more time to think about their response and can’t be shouted at down a phone. This means that not only are recruitment costs reduced, but staff welfare is also improved.

Handle more customers at once, speed up conversation time and save costs in customer support

Live chat tools speed up conversations 

Canned messages can be used to reply quickly and accurately to frequently asked questions, while the ability to receive screenshots  speeds up troubleshooting. Chat agents can also send links to help guides or video tutorials and can even push the customer to a web page. Also, your knowledge base can be integrated with the chat system, allowing your agents to find answers quickly. As a result, customer queries are generally solved much more quickly, optimising agent time and saving you costs in customer support.

Canned message for fast replies

Integrate your knowledge base for easy search

Send your customers links to helpful web pages or videos

Upload and receive files such as documents and images

Track your Net Promoter Score to minimise loss of customers

Monitor your Net Promoter Score using our reporting tools to ensure customer service is kept at a high standard.
You can monitor the average score of individual agents, making it easy to find underperformers who may need extra training - helping you to minimise loss of customers from poor service.

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We have a range of proactive live chat software plans to suit any business size. See our range of features designed to grow your online business.

Take your live chats from your website onto the phone with our built in call me widget function

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